Nat Ferguson on Growth through a Key Hire

Hear from Nat Ferguson, broker/owner of Ferguson Realty in Seal Beach, CA. Nat has run a boutique brokerage for a long time, but only recently found the key to focused growth.

The pandemic was actually a blessing in disguise. Nat HAD a boutique brokerage before that but was really tested when he lost much of his sales team. It just accelerated the inevitable but forced him to make some choices and get real about the gaps in his company.

Nat realized the pain in the business had finally overwhelmed his stubbornness for success and he took action. For him, that was hiring a consultant to help him through a key hire. The key was he found the right company for the right help he needed in this phase of his company.

The right move for him was to hire an Administrative Assistant – but also put in the work, to really get the role right as well as the full process prior to posting the position. This really helped Nat have clarity on the role too, so when he was interviewing, he was really clear on who he did (and didn’t) want for this role.

Nat lays out some of the key training areas he covered to onboarding this key hire the right way.

The results in their production over the last year speaks for itself – Nat learned that the right pieces at the right time, has really paid dividends.

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