💻Your Guide to Building a Tech Stack

Your tech stack includes any digital tools or software that you use to power your business. There’s an offer on every corner to solve all of your problems and it can be hard to sort out what truly solves your pain point or is just an exciting new thing to try.

In addition to your budget, there are a lot of things to consider when making these decisions. In the below video, we walk you through the decision-making process and offer strategies to use to ensure that you are making the best decisions for the health of your team and your wallet.

We also offer you a list of our Tech Stack Recommendations. These are tools that our clients all across North America use to run successful teams that we have a great experience with and would recommend to others to use. Each tool is linked to their website so that you can learn more or set up a demo!


⭐️ Special Note for our Amazing Clients: Please chat with your Account Manager before signing up for any new integrations or tools so that we can give you insights as to whether or not you truly need something and we can also likely save you money!