Justin Levitch on Doing the Hard Things to Scale Your Business

Justin Levitch – the President of RLAH Real Estate in the DC/Maryland/Virginia market – talks with Lee on some of the hard parts of building a brokerage. You know, the parts lots of people never talk about. RLAH has 370 agents and 6 Offices and $2B in sales in 2021. When Justin started with RLAH in 2012 they had 10 agents – many of whom stayed along for their massive growth.

Justin has also held many of the roles in the company – in an effort to first understand, then delegate. As well as empowering people to have success in that role – and stay out of their way.

Justin and Lee also talk on setting minimum standards of production and how crucial that is to keep a strong culture. With some great techniques for coaching up when people aren’t meeting these.

It’s also important to decide WHICH ideas are worth moving on – always new things and new tools in real estate – but choosing the right ones and staying consistent is key.

When you do add new tools or offerings, you also have to get adoption. Another particularly hard thing with Real Estate practitioners. Justin review key strategies for gaining momentum and adoption on new things.

Learn more about Justin and RLAH at https://www.rlahre.com/