Judy Weiniger on Building a People First Brand in her Community

After successfully growing her own brand and team under a national brand’s shingle since 2003, Judy Weiniger knew it was time to step out on her own. Weiniger Realty, an independent, client-focused, and community real estate brokerage in Central New Jersey, opened its doors in 2017. They have an amazing culture and are constantly growing as people and agents and have a ton of fun along the way!

Judy always loved building a business that was bigger than her and always used the name The Weiniger Group – even when it was just her and an assistant. Weiniger Realty today stands at 16 agents staff too and growing.

She loves her role now helping her agents expand their businesses with a focus on expanding geographically and building THEM as the local community experts.

Her clarity of model and brand has fueled her success – but ultimately executing is what bring success. Try stuff, fail, measure, and try again!

And also just being proud of what you’ve built – this is what we do – and learning to enjoy the success you have as it comes!

Her motto is Smarts and Hearts – Being intentional and positive as a brand!

She also recommends focusing on working a niche – a focus on one area and being powerful in your message. We work here, live here, play here and support the businesses here. “This is the town that I know,” says Judy.

And NOW she’s working to teach her other agents to do the same for neighboring areas.

Branding and community marketing – Judy was early into Community Videos – and you can see great examples of her work or connect with her in the links below:


Community videos at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrFqMn09B1MQL3nT_qX7jFVZNUfYUjBMh


Judith Weiniger has been a successful real estate broker for over 2 decades. In 2017 Weiniger Realty opened its doors as a collaborative, high-value, client-focused real estate offering serving Central New Jersey.

“We love being our clients’ trusted real estate guide. At Weiniger Realty, WE are on the real estate journey right alongside our buyers and sellers! Weiniger real estate professionals are very knowledgable about our local market trends and values, and leverage the power of video, social media, and use cutting-edge technology to benefit our clients.

Judy is a national speaker and teacher on the topics of innovative video, digital and social media marketing, community content creation, personal and business brand building, and putting humanity back into the real estate sales experience. She was named Social Media and Community Real Estate Video Influencer in North America.

“Our community is the heart and soul of why someone would want to come live here. Showcasing that is my passion.”, Weiniger says. “I live here, work here, and love it here!” Judy resides in Warren, NJ with her husband David and has 3 grown children.