👩‍🏫 Your Guide to Better Sales Meetings

I’ve been in sales for the past twenty-two years (“Gasp! How could that be? She looks so young!” they all whisper,) …and you would be surprised how many sales meetings I’ve sat in where “sales” is never mentioned, let alone the discussion of sales strategies.
It’s an insane number of them. But as I grew into leadership roles I saw how easy it was to get caught up in the red tape of everything (waves hands) and use the meeting time for housekeeping and reminding of policies and procedures and discussion of upcoming events instead of the things that we all needed to do to grow the business. 

Sales meetings aren’t typically something our agents and staff get excited about and for good reason: They believe that it’s a waste of their time.

If you want to retain and grow the talent that you have, you’re going to want to put a very intentional effort into making your sales meetings more engaging and truly help your agents learn how to develop and grow their book of business. 

Teaching them how to practice real estate is what they came to you for and to keep them working with you, it’s wise to take action on fulfilling that promise. Making a plan for your sales meetings is a perfect way to do this and greatly impact those you are mentoring through this wild world of real estate sales.

Click the button below to download your free guide and perform a check on the current structure of your sales meetings. Shift things around so that you are spending your precious in-person time in a way that is going to benefit everyone in the organization. You’re going to be so glad you did!